Moringa leaf powder is a valuable food ingredient that can be used as dried vegetable, herbal tea or as spice in a wide variety of foods. It will contribute taste, colour and make your diet rich.

Moringa oleifera is known for thousands of years as a most valuable and delicious food, it is a favourite part of recipes in India, South East Asia and Middle America.

As products we offer varying qualities of

- Moringa leaf powder

- Moringa tea cut

- Moringa leaves

- Moringa extract

Products are available from stock, or are produced according to customer specifications. From Spring 2017 we will offer you organic certified Moringa. Do not hesitate to contact us for samples and documentation. Our Moringa comes from selected partners that we work with in close cooperation to ensure highest quality.

Lager Vitarbo

Contact us for further information, specifications or samples, we are happy to offer our products.