We will develop and offer moringa leaf protein as a high-value food ingredient.

What can Moringa protein be used for?

Moringa leaf protein will be used in a broad variety of foods - from drinks to bakery-products, everyhwere where protein isotates are already used today. The pure protein will be colourless and without taste so that it can be used in many high-value applications. A gentle processing will sustain nutritional value, good solubility and emulsifying properties. Additionaly, there will be green proteins that are can be used for furhter applications. Moringa oleifera leaf protein will have a complete amino-acid composition. The spectrum of amino acids surpasses the FAO-requirements for balanced amino acids. The physiological protein from the leaves differs from the storage-proteins of plants as it is found for example in soy. That way, moringa leaf protein is a good supplement for existing proteins to create optimal amino acid compositions. 

Why Moringa Protein?

The growing population on earth, increasing stress on resources and climate change lead to an urgent requirement of alternative food sources that can be produced ecologically.
The market is looking for new protein sources for applications that offer better technological performance, physiological properties and that are also ecological in their production. Today, several new protein-sources are being developed which shows that there is a great market also for Moringa.
It is our aim to grow moringa on inferior or un-used land in the tropics and thereby contribute to the most urgent needs of the world today.
In the protein extraction process, excess nutrients like minerals and fibres can be returned to the land. The tap-roots of moringa over time regenerate the soil and aid long-term recovery of the agricultural land.

High yields

Under good conditions moringa has a plentiful growth. It is possible to harvest every 1 ½ months over several years and this way yield a very high biomass production. Thereby, on the same land, much more protein can be produced than with conventional crops like soy.
High yield moringa cultivation still has to be fully developed, but with modern sustainable agricultural practices, a high yield growth is possible.


We ourselves together with leading research institutes develop a proprietary extraction-process for moringa. The process is known since the 1970ies and today can be made more efficient and with a higher yield using modern technology. The process is developed considering economic requirements, including side-streams in the value-generation. Fibrous residues, sugars and possibly lipid fractions will be used.
For protein-extraction, the leaves are ground and the juice is separated. After purification of the juice the protein is gently concentrated and dried. Waste-products will be returned to the field to avoid depletion of essential nutrients such as minerals. For technological reasons, the processing will be done close to the fields, generating new employment in the producing countries. Thereby, not only agricultural but also industrial jobs can be generated.

Further Information

If you are interested, we are happy to inform you further on this project.

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